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Foothill Flight Center can help you achieve your aviation goals, whatever they may be.

Whether you’re flying for fun, seeking utility for personal or business transportation, or beginning a career as a professional aviator; our team of experts will do more than just prepare you for a flight test. We’ll help you build a foundation of both technical skills and sound judgment, firmly rooted in a safety-first mindset, that will allow you to continue to grow and unlock your full potential as an aviator.


(effective Aug. 1, 2019)

  • All aircraft rental rates are “wet” (include fuel).

  • There is a $15/hr. additional charge for instruction in your own airplane.

  • Payment by cash, check or electronic ACH transfer will receive the cash rate.



SportStar Rental



(Flight and Ground)




We offer FAA Part 61 instruction for:

  • Sport Pilot Certificate

  • Private Pilot Certificate

  • Instrument Rating

  • Commercial Certificate

  • Flight Instructor Certificate

Additional instruction services:

  • Biennial Flight Reviews (BFR)

  • Familiarization with new aircraft and local flight procedures

Pilot-for-hire services:

  • Aircraft ferry/re-positioning

  • Co-pilot for added safety or insurance requirements